Scalp Scarring

Scarring of the scalp

If your scalp is visible, then scarring of the scalp is something that a lot of individuals are particularly uncomfortable with.

The anxiety alone can be overwhelming even when participating in your normal, daily routine, leading some people to opt for a hat or accessory and others to exile themselves and research and explore potential solutions and treatments in the hope of regaining their confidence. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical option and is perfect for scarring.

This cost-effective, permanent solution to hair loss and scarring of the scalp is available at BeauSynergy, the leading advanced skin care clinic in Hertfordshire.


Scalp Micropigmentation for scarring

Helping to conceal any scarring not only provides aesthetic improvement but can also help to improve the self-confidence of the individual. SMP is a very efficient method and produces excellent results in the camouflaging of scars on the scalp, whether from a previous injury, scarring hair loss/cicatricial alopecia, or as a result of a hair transplant. Scar tissue is very different to healthy skin tissue and therefore it comes as no surprise that it reacts differently to pigmentation. Due to this, SMP does hold some complications depending on the size and type of scarring. To ensure that the best results are achieved, the application of the tone must be completed by an experienced professional.

Scalp Micropigmentation will add colour tone into the scarring, which can conceal it to the point that it is no longer visible. To build the colour tone up to the level that it effectively camouflages any scarring can take a number of sessions, with each lasting just a few hours. After the treatment, virtually no recovery time is necessary, allowing the individual to resume their normal schedule almost immediately.


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