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Happy with the results

5.0 rating

I had the SMP treatment after reading lots about it. The staff here were really friendly & the treatment was so much less painful than I expected… not like a normal tattoo. Happy to recommend!

Mike T

Friendly, welcoming and professional

5.0 rating

I spent a lot of time with Kerry for the Micro Scalp Pigmentation and can’t thank her enough. She gave me all the information I needed and was able to answer all of my questions. She was friendly and welcoming and professional throughout the time I spent with her, putting me at ease and not making me feel uncomfortable / embarrassed to my issue. THANK YOU so much Kerry, you are amazing and I will be back to see you again soon Jemma, Hitchin.
p.s. I bet your other clients would love Kerry’s work. Be sure to share this with your clients!


Excellent value

5.0 rating

Whilst in for a laser skin treatment, I was asked in confidence about the thinning hair on my scalp. I knew it was thinning but as no photos were ever taken previously, I had no idea of the extent.
The skin technician told me of this new treatment at the clinic and advised me the difference it would make. At this moment I have had 5 of the 6 treatments and done my easy homecare every day/ night. I am really pleased with the results and wish I had come here a year or so ago. The technician showed me the before and afters and asked if they could put them online, which I said yes.
I am 57 years old and am looking to continue the homecare and top-ups over the months ahead. It was not painful at all and I personally think it has been excellent value.

Simon B

Would recommend

5.0 rating

My hair started thinning when I was in my mid 20s & really affected my confidence, SMP treatment is really getting better so I thought I would go for it! The results were great, and I feel happier in social situations now.

Paul Davies


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